At the Freiburg Center for Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, our “Research for Children” covers a wide range of areas. Whether in basic and translational research, clinical studies, or research in pediatric healthcare, our researchers strive to enable children and young people to live better, healthier lives.

Four reasons we need “Research for Children” now

Medical treatment for children and adolescents is often different to adult treatment because of anatomical or physiological differences compared to adults. In addition, some diseases affect only children and adolescents or are usually diagnosed in childhood or adolescence. Research for children and adolescents allows us to work out how to adapt adult treatments to better suit children and adolescents – or in some cases, to develop new treatments that are specifically designed for children and adolescents.

Children and adolescents have different needs to adults and the healthcare system needs to treat them accordingly. Parents are closely involved in children’s healthcare and the condition and/or treatment may have significant effects on children’s and adolescents’ physical, psychological and social development and on their education. Research for children and adolescents enables us to understand their specific needs and to optimize their care accordingly.

Research with children and adolescents makes it possible to understand the links between illness (and health) in childhood and adulthood. Understanding these links means we can develop effective early detection, early intervention and early prevention measures. This can help to avoid complications or long-term illnesses.

Research into diseases and disorders during human development (or during development of an organ or system) can provide clues about new therapies and interventions, including for adults, for example, because we develop a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms.

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