At the Freiburg Center for Pediatrics, our “Research for Children” covers a wide range of areas. Whether in basic and translational research, clinical studies, or research in pediatric healthcare, our researchers strive to enable children and young people to live better, healthier lives.

Pediatrics engages with children across a wide range of health states, from healthy and acutely sick to chronically and terminally sick. Our research looks at how biological, clinical and psychosocial factors affect health and disease. Using insights gained in the lab, we observe groups of patients in high detail to understand how their conditions evolve and how they respond to various interventions. Communication with patients and families and their participation in medical decisions are at the heart of pediatrics; our health care research investigates how these aspects of health care can be improved.

We have particular strengths in several specific fields, complemented by cross-disciplinary research relevant for all pediatric areas. We have strong local partners in Freiburg and a broad spectrum of co-operations in Germany and Europe as well as internationally.

Find out more about our work by exploring the research areas below. For more information about the Freiburg Center for Pediatrics, please visit our pages (in German) on the website of the Medical Center – University of Freiburg.