The second Freiburg Pediatric Research Day on 11 November 2019 was a great success! Researchers from the Center for Pediatrics presented scientific projects from a wide range of disciplinary areas, with around 40 posters and 20 scientific talks. Highlights of the event included the round table discussion about the implementation of clinical research and the keynote lecture from Professor Jean-Pierre Bourquin from the University of Zürich about personalized approaches to childhood leukemia.

Prizes for the best talks were awarded to:

  • Mariaelena Maccari for her talk “Identification of an unconventional, molecularly distinct, highly proliferative IL-10-producing human T-cell population controlled by FAS”
  • Karin Storm for her talk “Cognitive impairment, depression, fatigue and quality of life in pediatric-onset multiple sclerosis – Results of the MUSICADO Study” and
  • Tim Guth for his talk “Single-unit analysis reveals that distinct networks underlie high-frequency oscillation-associated interictal epileptiform discharges”

Prizes for the best posters were awarded to:

  • Alatibi et al. for Sex specific lipid perturbation in response to octanoate in very-long chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficient (VLCAD-/-) mice
  • Kolter et al. for A subset of skin macrophages contributes to the surveillance and regeneration of local nerves
  • Lösslein et al. for Common monocyte progenitors are novel effector cells in mycobacterial immunity
  • Neubauer et al. for Characterization of septin expression in normal and fibrotic kidneys
  • Mittapalli et al. for Mutational and transcriptomic landscapes in hematopoietic cells of Fanconi anemia patients
  • Brichta et al. for Paediatric patients with heterozygous ALPL mutation show a broad clinical phenotype
  • Demmerath et al. for In vitro and in vivo evaluation of possible pro-survival activities of PGE2, EGF, TPO and FLT3L on human hematopoiesis

Congratulations to the prize-winners and many thanks to all who took part!