Around 120 participants attended the 4th Freiburg Pediatric Research Day at the ETAGE Conference Center on 29 November 2022.

The program included three sessions of talks, 35 posters, a keynote address from Prof. Dr. Stefan Pfister from the University of Heidelberg, and a discussion about career paths as a clinician-scientist.

We were delighted to be able to award prizes for the two best prizes and the best short talk:

Poster prizes:

  • Anna Esser (from Luciana Hannibal‘s resarch group): A non-catalytic cysteine residue modulates enzymatic processing of cobalamins
  • Swagata Konwar (from Karsten Häffner’s research group): Revealing complement regulatory functions of Thrombospondin-1 as new potential mechanism in renal disease 

Short talk prize:

  • Hannah KapplerDisease severity and fibrosis are associated with distinct action potential shape in right ventricular myocardium of patients with congenital heart defects

Congratulations to the prize winners and many thanks to all those who presented their work at the Research Day!

Anna Esser (L) and Dr. Hannah Kappler (R) receiving their prizes from Prof. Dr. Ute Spiekerkötter.

Posters at the 4th Freiburg Pediatric Research Day