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Horizon 2020: Coordinating and supporting research on the human microbiome in Europe and beyond

7 April 2020 All day

Specific Challenge:

Integration and application of metagenomics data from the human microbiome has shown large potential for personalised medicine approaches, although causal relationships and confounders are still largely unknown. Comparable information and details about microbiome composition and functionality in healthy citizen and patients are very valuable to complete the picture i.e. to better understand the healthy microbiome and to predict its development.

The number of European and international projects and initiatives is increasing but their results and data cannot be properly compared as they have different underlying methods, standards and operating procedures. The International Human Microbiome Consortium (IHMC) as well as other current initiatives aim to strengthen international cooperation, to increase data comparability and to agree common standards, procedures and methods. There is a need to avoid having the same research carried out multiple times at different places and to better agree at European and at international level. This collaboration should increase coherence and data comparability to better exploit existing microbiome data and clinical information in a standardised way.

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